Who We Are

Business Driven. Human Focused.

Two simple phrases that have become the cornerstone of AECC.

For more than 30 years, AECC has grown in size and service offerings. The changing demands of business require new thinking. Not only what we do, but also how we do it. What has not changed is the why.

We evolve to the changing needs of our valued clients and partners to provide consistent value.

We are a privately held company with ownership at the executive level. Leadership is free to explore divergent thinking, question the status quo, and offer creative solutions for the needs of our clients. We do so with the support of seasoned business advisors and board members who share our entrepreneurial spirit. As owners, our executive team has a stake in the success of our decisions and stand behind them.

We change as needs of the mobile workforce changes.

“One-size fits all” is not our mantra. The needs of clients and their workforce are as diverse as the public whom we take privilege in serving. External forces of government laws and regulations cause change, but so do the fundamental needs, preferences, and cultural ideals that are the embodiment of each new workforce.