Our Security

The security of employees, clients, the safeguarding of our assets and data, and the protection of information we use and store are paramount concerns in our security efforts. Security initiatives include:

  • Clean desk & locked files
  • Ongoing security awareness training
  • Physical access restrictions
  • Physical monitoring
  • Protected wifi with rouge AP detection
  • Remote access authentication with two factor authentication
  • Redundant phone & power systems
  • Change management systems
  • Secured onsite and offsite storage
  • Data scrubbing and third party file destruction
  • Third party penetration testing
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Data encryption and minimization
  • Firewall intrusion prevention systems, real time AV scanning, and geo blocking
  • Application control, threat detection, and botnet detection
  • Full network and system logging and monitoring
  • US/EU and Swiss Privacy Shield compliance, as well as GDPR compliant
  • Cyber, crime & fraud policies