Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today, AECC continues to operate with the entrepreneurial spirit of Herbert L. Seeger, Jr. We are motivated and excited to expand his legacy with a complete suite of financial services. AECC has always recognized the importance of remaining neutral, free of ties and conflicts within the supply chain, as we work to expand the independent services and solutions we offer to the mobility needs of our partners and clients. We remain focused on our core deliverables and limit the extent to which we are involved in the mobility supply chain to ensure we operate only in the best interest of the client.

Our team of specialists carry this entrepreneurial spirt with them and are conscious that the decisions they make have a lasting impact on the people they work for each day. Encouraged to envision and vet new ideas, we firmly believe our staff separates us from other organizations. The landscape in front of all of us is continually changing and AECC works diligently to add solutions to address the mobility needs of our clients. AECC does not shy away from change – we embrace it.